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As a business owner, keeping your eyes on every job used to mean simply watching the truck roll out the gate!

eBoss Job Tracker has turned that notion on its head, now delivering numerous ways to digitally track your jobs, from the first contact to the final payment and all with less paperwork and more time for other things.


An all-in-one system

eBoss is a clever integrated web of features that deliver an efficient all-in-one business automation system.

Admin checks and balances

eBoss Job Tracker smooths communication between admin staff, job management, quotes, purchase orders and job statuses. Have your staff closed off a job? Check . Now you’re ready for invoicing.

Job colour coding

Customise your job list page by applying one colour per customer for easy reference.

Customised correspondence

Customise all outgoing eBoss emails with your company details. Load up your logo, company information, industry license number – everything to look 100% professional.

Remote Check-in

Your outdoor technicians can digitally ‘Check In’ and ‘Check Out’ of jobs on site. This will automatically add their labour to the job to the nearest time increment you wish (e.g.: 1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes etc.). It also means no more lost timesheets.

Custom quote templates

You’ll never start from scratch ever again. Custom quote templates mean you’re off the mark faster and still include everything from your introduction to terms and conditions.

Cut down your quoting admin

With eBoss, you can copy/clone old existing quotes, send custom quotes from templates or create quotes manually.

Easy labour estimations and tracking

Estimate your labour hours for a quote and get precise tracking during the job. Plus learn to estimate and send more accurate quotes with eBoss.

Customer SMS confirmation

Confirm appointments and inform your customers your vehicle is approaching via SMS in eBoss. (Additional cost of 5.5cents per SMS)

Easy quote-to-job transfer

Create job detail from an approved quote with the click of a button.

Seamless job-to-invoice processing

Seamlessly convert finished jobs into an invoice.

All of this at your fingertips on a single program.

*Supply chain management and accounting integration add on features in eBoss Lite and available in eBoss Business. 

Ready to get going? Start your self-service free trial now and send your first Quote in 5 minutes!

Easy Check-In and Out of Staff 


Forget ever having to wait for staff time slips again. Never again wait to bill a client. eBoss Labour Tracking brings your job reporting into the 21st century with instantaneous reporting of hours.

It’s this simple: Your techs fill in their hours at the start and end of the day. eBoss immediately notifies the office when the job’s been completed, and you can send the invoice out the same day. No paperwork, no delays and a faster turnaround to payment.

Our Check-In feature also gives management and business owners transparency to see how each staff member is performing.

Streamline Your Job Processes 

eBoss simplifies moving a job through the administration process. No more notes lost in a diary or on the ute dash. From quote to purchase order to job detail to invoicing and payment processing – every step is smoother, allowing you to move faster through your to-do list.

Start Your Trial With eBoss Today

We understand that stepping away from whatever process you’re using right now can be difficult. That’s why we offer you a free 14 day trial to get to know eBoss. You can play with the features, do some dummy runs or jump in and complete your first eBoss job tracker conversion.

Take the trial today and see how smooth workflow software is meant to be.


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Creating Quotes, Invoices or Jobs on the run is easy with eBoss. Running our business without paperwork and cutting admin time is key.

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Ben Vial Electrical

Managing labour hours, quotes and invoices is easy with eBoss.

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SWB Bricklaying

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