Purchase Orders With eBoss Quoting Software 


You don’t need to hire a personal assistant to create perfect purchase orders and quotes for your business. eBoss’ inbuilt quoting feature creates professional orders and invoicing in seconds, elevating your business presentation and leaving you more time for other important tasks.


Find an order status in seconds

eBoss quoting software displays New, Ordered, Partial Delivery and Delivered statuses the moment you make the request, plus it reminds you about pending matters with the ‘Requires Follow-up’ option.

Operate from absolutely anywhere

Send purchase orders while you’re on-site, in the truck or back in the office.

Automatic inventory update

Never again lose track of parts as they go out via a purchase order. eBoss quoting software can automatically update your inventory as the stock moves.

Monitor and control your spending

A convenient link to eBoss business reporting helps you to instantly review your custom mark-up purchase order profit.

Reputation-saving low stock alerts

Our low stock alerts advise when you’re short on important items. You can also review purchase orders from suppliers to see if they’re maintaining your expectations of product and service quality.

One supply chain linking everybody

Boost your customer service and make your admin staff happy with our super smooth, all-in-one purchase order supply chain.

Search features that save money

Review and compare purchase order detail from suppliers in Excel. Some number crunching combined with a strategic partnership with a wholesaler makes it possible to drive down product prices.

An excellent time saver

By using eBoss automated purchase orders, you’ll process more in less time.

A fully integrated system

Purchase orders, supply chain reports, custom mark-ups, job and inventory management – they all synchronise together effortlessly with eBoss. Our inventory reporting can even help you say goodbye to poor stock forecasts and inadequate inventory management.

All of this at your fingertips on a single program.

*Supply chain management and accounting integration add on features in eBoss Lite and available in eBoss Business. 

Ready to get going? Start your self-service free trial now and send your first Quote in 5 minutes!

Monitor and Control Your Spending 

 Too busy to know what market prices have changed on the stock you carry? That’ll never happen again with eBoss quoting software. You can set it to review your custom mark-up so that you always stay on track with competitors. Our management software is crafted to intuitively deliver cash flow data, quickly and at the click of a button. At a glance you know where profit is coming from and what needs some attention.

It’s not just figures either. You can call upon charts, graphs and diagrams for easy understanding.

Inventory Reporting Integration 

 You can’t know every single stock item that’s on your shelves or is exhausted. eBoss does! Inventory numbers, price comparisons, quality assessments and low stock alerts keep you informed and integrate seamlessly with every other area of your business management.

Start Your Trial With eBoss Today

eBoss’ quoting software is your chance to look organised and professional to your clients whilst handling the managerial side of work like a pro. So try our free 14-day eBoss trial run. It’s a synch to set up and will turn your business, quoting and invoice life around.

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Creating Quotes, Invoices or Jobs on the run is easy with eBoss. Running our business without paperwork and cutting admin time is key.

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Managing labour hours, quotes and invoices is easy with eBoss.

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