Quoting on complicated jobs can be a pain in the neck. It takes time to visit the customer, figure out what they want, then get back to the office to write up the quote before your competition swoops in.

As your business grows the quotes tend to get more complex which makes those problems even greater.

Thankfully technology is changing to make your life easier.

Quoting software and work management apps give you the power of instant quotes on complex jobs, giving tradies an edge without needing to be a tech whiz.

Why Quoting Fast is Important to your Business


How many times have you left a handwritten quote on the dashboard and spent days looking for it? Getting a fast, professional quote to your customer is important for so many reasons:

  • Save hours of office time.
  • Nothing is missed or forgotten when you quote on-site.
  • Cost isn’t everything; fast, professional quotes look good to customers.
  • Taking too long to quote can mean someone else wins the job.
  • Slow outdated job management systems mean it takes longer to get paid.
  • Inaccurate quotes will cost you money in labour and materials you can’t charge for.

Nobody likes writing up quotes, especially when you’ve got a truckload of jobs already underway. Instead of doing away with quotes, why not find a way to make them painless?

Do Instant Quote Apps Exist?


Different quoting software options have been around for a while but until recently instant quoting apps either were a pain to use, didn’t do what you needed, or weren’t built specifically with tradesmen in mind.

Recognising the need to make an instant quoting app that simplifies the quoting and administration process, we threw a whole bunch of easy-to-use features into eBoss.

Even the most complex jobs flow seamlessly with our all-in-one job management software.

eBoss – The Tradies App for Workflow Automation

From start to finish, eBoss takes the hassle out of quoting and job management. Our quoting software was designed for the business owner and staff alike.

What does eBoss do?

  • Instant quote app technology for accurate, professional quotes right there on site.
  • Build quotes in seconds that include everything down to T&Cs.
  • Quotes include your company logo and follow a clear logical structure.
  • Save time with quote templates or even copy old quotes details and resend them in seconds.
  • One-click conversion from quote to job, and job to invoice.
  • Easy labour quoting and tracking.
  • Remote staff check-in to avoid lost timesheets.
  • Track jobs and customer correspondence.
  • Customer SMS reminders.

Do I really need business management software?

Of course not – you could choose not to use a business management software and continue losing hours every week writing quotes, managing job details, and searching through emails for client details.

Or you could use our clever business software and, hey presto:

  • Impress potential clients with on-the-spot quoting.
  • Win more jobs by getting out accurate, competitive quotes instantly.
  • Get paid faster with smart business automation software.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Put your customers first by including the details they care about.
  • Manage multiple complex jobs easily.

All-in-one quoting software that smooths the road from quoting to invoicing is the way of the future. With eBoss being built specifically for tradies, you are guaranteed to save time so you can focus on winning complex jobs and growing your business.

Give eBoss a shot with no stress on a
14-day free trial or contact our team to learn more.

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