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Business management software like ours certainly makes things simpler but like everything, there’s a learning curve. Which is exactly why you’re never alone once you’re using eBoss. If the features aren’t helping you the way we intended, our help is on-hand, ready to go to get you moving again.


Tutorial Video Gallery

Too shy for a chat or want to learn about eBoss gradually over time? Then follow our video tutorials. The longest video is twelve minutes and covers all of the basics of eBoss business management software. From invoicing to our job scheduler, customisation and staff management, we cover it with actual on-screen eBoss visuals as our tutor talks you through it.

Smaller videos also include job and profit reporting and a lesson in using the brilliant Stripe credit card payment system.

1. eBoss Demo

2. Job & Profit Reporting

3. Stripe Credit Card Gateway


Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns my company information?

You do. You have access to your data at any time, and can download your own  company data via a CSV file (simple excel file) easily whenever you like.

Am I locked into a contract?

No, we are confident that you will be happy with our product and this means we have a rolling monthly payment via direct debit.

Will eBoss work on my desktop computer, tablet and mobile?

eBoss is cloud-based software, and will work anywhere with reliable internet access.

What is the process to get started on eBoss?

If you have never used the software or feel overwhelmed, we will provide a comprehensive and easy-to-digest demonstration to get you started. You can then try eBoss for free for 14 days. If you enjoy the results and decide to sign up, we will set up your account and provide training.

Will eBoss sync with my accounting software?

Yes, eBoss is currently able to sync with Xero. We will review other accounting software at a later date if there is sufficient demand from our customers.

Is my data safe?

eBoss is built on a very mature platform to provide high security to protect your personal and company information.

How do I pay for eBoss?

When you sign up for eBoss we will set up a direct debit, payable by either a bank account or credit card.

Are there apps for Android and iPhone?

eBoss works through the web browser on your phone while connected to the internet; it is not a mobile phone app. As it is all cloud-based, you won’t need to download any software to your phone.

Will I be charged for support?

Absolutely not. We offer free Australian-based support via phone and email, along with a range of self-help resources.

Does eBoss have a GPS or geolocation function?

eBoss’ geolocation function allows users to select the job and address they are currently at. You can use this feature to see where your staff are and call on staff in particular areas when needed on urgent jobs or where additional unplanned labour is needed. eBoss does not have a GPS function for physical location tracking.

Local Help When You Need It

Free support

We offer free support over the phone and via email as well as via our training and webinars. We won’t even charge to help set you up, including tasks like importing your client, suppliers and inventory lists.

Tracking and reporting

We can show you how to get the most out of:

– Warranty and Asset Tracking
– Asset testing and reporting

Operations Management

From our job scheduler to staff geolocation, we designed it all from the ground up so if you’re stuck on something, we can help you to understand it.

Targeted business tasks

We can help with setting and meeting deadlines as well as planning and developing methods for computerising business elements.

General business number crunching

We understand large amounts of data. We recognise patterns and can provide feedback and suggestions for existing processes. For example, ‘What is the lowest margin you should charge for materials?’ We can help you find out.

Supplier Managament

It’s about knowing where your parts come from, who has the best rate and how you set up cost comparisons. We’re ready to help here too.

Staff performance management

Our help includes, but is not limited to, annual and mid-year reviews, coaching, mentoring and handling of disciplinary issues and/or meetings.

Procedural changes, staff hours, and profitability

Think you need to hire more staff? Could you be paying too much overtime? We can assist you to drill down into your data to make a much more informed decision.

Improvements for profit

We can further explain how our business management software can drive improvements that lower your costs and increase your profits.

Idea sharing

With our diverse skillset, we can also share ideas and discuss challenges and solutions.

General IT setup

Does your server support your business’ automation? We can investigate, explain and upgrade if necessary.

Creating training systems

Our eBoss creators and staff are able to design training programs for any business size.

Need Support Now?


You’re never alone with eBoss business management software. If you hit a snag, please call us. We’re always ready to get you moving again.

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