eBoss Elite Package

As the name suggests, eBoss Elite is our #1 choice for large trade businesses who want outstanding workflow automation.

Uniquely tailored to suit you, eBoss Elite is the tradie app that is supercharged with the high calibre, practical tools to help you conduct business: on the road and in the office.


What’s Included?

A unique tailored solution

We report back with our findings, delivering a custom-made workflow automation solution.

In-house training

eBoss trainers come to your site and take every employee through the new process.

System Integration

eBoss’ software engineers incorporate your client, supplier and inventory lists with our job management software.
Great care is taken to ensure 100% workflow automation, and rest easy… preservation of your data is king.

Dedicated Server/Hosting

One single server will be dedicated to serving the needs of your system’s processes without being bogged down by other functions.
It’s perfect for fast workflow automation and reliablity.

Unlimited Users

Every staff member who needs access to eBoss Elite, gets it.
You can still set access boundaries so that confidential info stays just that.

Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll never have to start your story over again.
One person, the same person, will always there to help you, from the very start.

ROI-driven work process

We take great steps to ensure that the business management software we put in place will deliver a return on your investment.

All of this at your fingertips on a single program.

*Supply chain management and accounting integration add on features in eBoss Lite and available in eBoss Business. 

Ready to get going? Start your self-service free trial now and send your first Quote in 5 minutes!

What kind of business is this package best suited to?

Q: Does your business operate with more than 30 personnel?

A: eBoss Elite is the tradie app that’s made for you.

Q: As you’ve grown, have you found that some processes could be tweaked just for you?

A: eBoss Elite is uniquely tailored to deliver exceptional work management solutions.

When should I upgrade to a higher package? How can I do this?

Because eBoss Elite is tailor-made, there’s always room to custom-deliver something more.

So if you have an idea, discuss your unique situation with us.

Our Rapid Trade Solutions may be the answer. Just remember that each feature requested will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

How much support do I get?

Superior, free support is at the heart of eBoss Elite. You receive:

  • Phone and email help
  • In-house training
  • Webinar support
  • A dedicated account manager
  • We set you up for free, including importing your client, suppliers and inventory lists.

eBoss staff have a diverse range of skills which perfectly complement your trade know-how.

We are constantly sharing ideas and discussing solutions to challenges via our Blog here.

Quit Wasting Time – Better Your Business With Workflow Automation Today

In other words: stop looking. You’ve found your next competitive edge.

To get your business automation into the next stratosphere – speak to eBoss today about eBoss Elite.


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Creating Quotes, Invoices or Jobs on the run is easy with eBoss. Running our business without paperwork and cutting admin time is key.

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Managing labour hours, quotes and invoices is easy with eBoss.

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