eBoss Custom Cost-Plus Mark-Up Estimating Software


We understand that your trade has differing price structures, from clients who return to you again and again to government pricing, domestic and wholesale pricing.

With eBoss Australia’s brilliantly simple estimating software, you put the effort in once and eBoss has you covered forever.


Labour charge-outs

Labour rates can vary depending on job size and frequency of call-outs so we’ve got you covered with unlimited charge-out rate multipliers in the software settings.

Individually set cost-plus mark-up rates

eBoss’ estimating software is flexible enough to set separate cost-plus mark-up rates for each inventory item or any client and every location.

…or stay with one size fits all!

Don’t need our flexible cost-plus mark-ups? Then set one mark-up rate for every customer. Easy!

All of this at your fingertips on a single program.

*Supply chain management and accounting integration add on features in eBoss Lite and available in eBoss Business. 

Ready to get going? Start your self-service free trial now and send your first Quote in 5 minutes!

Perfect For Those With Complicated Contracts & Charge-Out Rates

For a tradie, sealing the deal can sometimes mean working outside of your regular pricing structure. Over time, this can lead to a complicated system which is easy to lose track of… unless you set eBoss up to do the remembering for you.

Contracts with one-off deals and specially agreed hourly rates on labour are handled with ease and automatically applied to every subsequent quote or invoice. There’ll be no more referring to notes in last year’s diary, or opening up old invoices. eBoss’ custom cost-plus mark-up estimating software streamlines your contract and charge-out practices clearing your head for other jobs.


Make Rate Changes On Items, Clients or Locations

We’re offering you the chance to transform your business.

eBoss estimating software is the sure-fire way to keep an eagle eye on your rates across every inventory item and every client – big and small. You can drill down into your rates to also cover off locations where additional travel time or allowance for difficult access would be involved.

A time-saver when producing estimates or invoices, eBoss also opens your business up to better efficiency, allowing more staff to be involved in administration, where before it was only you because the rate detail was in your head!

As your rates need to alter, you’ll cover off your entire accounting and inventory management with an automated rate update. It’ll quickly become obvious that rate changes on inventory items, clients and locations couldn’t be easier.

Start Your Trial With eBoss Today

Any trade-based business who is still paper-based or is looking for a better system is invited to take a 14-day trial run of our eBoss estimating software. It’s customised cost-plus mark-up pricing that’s made so simple, we know any tradie who installs it today will see their working life change for the better within 24 hours.

Your 14-day free trial and demo awaits. Click the button now and your free demo will commence.


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Creating Quotes, Invoices or Jobs on the run is easy with eBoss. Running our business without paperwork and cutting admin time is key.

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Managing labour hours, quotes and invoices is easy with eBoss.

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