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 What has automation got to do with your business?

A lot, and chances are some of the businesses you compete with are already using it. Which means their business is operating smoother than ever and that’s while they’re on the move, repairing, building, plumbing, wiring – you name it.

So let’s see how eBoss’ business automation software can make your business run even better.


Manual quotes… history!

Don’t send manual quotes ever again. With eBoss quote templates, just fill in the blanks and eBoss generates the figures.

Quotes out in seconds

Copy your existing quotes to an email, in seconds. Duplicating a quote is also easy with the click of a mouse.

Quote-to-Job in a click

Your client says yes to the quote. You click one button and it’s instantly converted to a job.

Instant job scheduling software

eBoss operate like a well-oiled machine – assigning, scheduling and dispatching a job in just minutes, via email.

Job Status recognition

Know the status of a quote, purchase order or an open job and follow-up accordingly. You can also assign colours to mark jobs as ‘Urgent’, ‘Parts ordered’ or whatever your team needs to know.

Attach photos and files

Upload photos and files to your quotes and jobs for before, during and after visual references. Very handy for job prep and archival purposes.

Improve staff involvement

Our business automation software can have your external staff “check-in” and “check-out” of jobs. Office staff can see job locations while hours of labour are automatically added to a job.

Easy on-site entries for Techs

Customise your Service Reports so your technicians can complete the details on-site.

Real-time plant and equipment tracking

Up-to-the-minute plant and equipment tracking keeps you aware of what’s on location and what’s not.

Instant on-site payment

With our Stripe Credit Card Gateway, you can now process a credit card payment on-site as the job reaches completion.

Smoother Timesheet Management

A top solution to timesheet organisation, eBoss business automation compiles labour timesheets weekly.

Link to outsourced accounting

Our accounting package partners can help manage your invoice sales and purchase order expenses. Just send it off with a click.

All of this at your fingertips on a single program.

*Supply chain management and accounting integration add on features in eBoss Lite and available in eBoss Business. 

Ready to get going? Start your self-service free trial now and send your first Quote in 5 minutes!

Focus On Growing Your Business


Business automation is entirely about smoothing out the back-end of business performance so you can devote that saved time to the front of house stuff.

Perhaps that’s more time for training staff. Or meeting with potential new clients. It could just be you want more time on the tools.

We make automated systems that strip away the waste to give you much more room to grow your business. You’ll spend less time chasing timesheets, run your administration like clockwork and receive payments faster thanks to our business automation software. That kind of smooth operation clears your mind and lets you develop a respected business with a firm grip on the future.

Start Your Trial With eBoss Today

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Creating Quotes, Invoices or Jobs on the run is easy with eBoss. Running our business without paperwork and cutting admin time is key.

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Managing labour hours, quotes and invoices is easy with eBoss.

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